Group 1
Lot Number:1
Start Time:11/2/2022 12:00:00 PM
End Time:11/2/2022 11:00:00 PM
Bid Count:74
Starting Bid:$1.00
Bid Increment:$25.00
Current Bid:$1,776.00x 10= $17,760.00
Bidding complete

Group 1 to calve from 11-28-22 to 12-14-22.   Tag # 203294, 203888, 204045, 204311, 214595, 204846, 204396, 203758, 204840, 204346

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Our first internet sale featuring a great group of springing heifers from Wadell Dairy, Elsie MI.  We dispersed this herd last year and a great herd it was.  A.I. bred since 1954, always breeding for butterfat.  The herd average was 25,968, milk 1290, butterfat 5%. All heifers are calf hood vaccinated, on a great vaccination program.  Carrying AI calves.  In free stalls and use to headlocks.  We are offering two groups, split by due dates.  Bidding will close at 7pm November 2, 2022.  Lots offered in online format will NOT be the same as those offered at the live auction on Wednesday, November 2, 2022 at Rosebush Sale Barn. Instead, these lots will remain at Wadell Dairy Farm until they are Sold!

See Terms and Conditions below

Payment Terms: All cattle must be paid for in full before they are shipped. Payment must be made in good check or wire transfer to Rosebush Sale Barn. The buyer will be invoiced for the full amount. Rosebush Sale Barn will hold the funds until the cattle are loaded. If any difference after loading the balance will be refunded.  All bids are in US funds and per head. Gross sale price is the per head bid times the number of head in the lot.

Registration: All information provided by the bidder to Rosebush Sale Barn shall be current, complete, and accurate. Bidders must be 18 years of age or older

Bidding & Sale Process: The Sale will be conducted in an internet exchange format. You can bid online. All Lots sell with 100% Buyer satisfaction if the buyer does not like the cattle after viewing them prior to loading at the sellers farm, they do not have to take ownership of them, however once they are loaded and leave the sellers farm they are sold on an “As Is” basis with no warranty, expressed or implied and are the property of the buyer. The Loads will be from the cattle listed in each specific lot, when loading if any animal is not 100% then she will be sorted off and not included in the lot, therefore the final number in each lot may be different.           

Bids: The highest bidder will be the buyer. Bids are on a per head basis and the total price is calculated from the per head price multiplied by the total headage on the lot.                                                                            

Health Warranty:  For animals that travel outside of the state of origin the buyer will be responsible for the legal importation of cattle into that state, please check prior to the sale. The results of any future health test is not guaranteed. None are warranted to be free infectious  diseases.                                                                                   

Errors:  The material printed in this catalog has been carefully edited. If any errors or omissions are discovered, they will be announced.  Announcements take precedence over printed material. This information is provided by the owners and is believed to be correct,  however, it is not guaranteed.  This sale will be controlled by an auction  program.  Rosebush Sale Barn is not responsible for system errors which cause a bid or bidder to fail to be recognized or registered.       

General:  It is the intention of the owners and the sale management to represent and present these animals in their present condition, however No adjustments will be made after the animal's) leave the sellers farm. Cattle that are sold with a natural service date are as accurate as possible, although they are not guaranteed 

Disclaimer:  Any person bidding on items in the auction agrees to these terms and conditions and understands that, by bidding, they are entering into a legal binding contract between themselves and the seller(s) and that they will be held financially responsible for their actions.  Neither the owners, auctioneers, nor other personnel may be held responsible for any accidents that may occur. Rosebush Sale Barn acts only as an agent between buyer and seller and may not be held responsible for any livestock. It is to be clearly understood that Rosebush Sale Barn and its representatives act only as a agent between buyer and seller, and may not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for any failure in any obligations set forth in this sale.

United States

Cattle will be available for loading on Thursday, November 3, 2022.  Rosebush Sale Barn will be available for hauling, please call Robert at 989-330-6005 to make arrangements.  No cattle removed from farm before payment has been made.